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National Sales

We offer a True Sales Partnership that provides stations with experience top performing media executives for a monthly affiliation fee in exchange for a year-end revenue share focused on bottom line growth. Our team of experts is unrelenting in uncovering revenue. 

  • Service National Rep Firm Request

  • Rates Submission, Media Proposals 

  • National Aging, Collections

  • Agency, Direct Client Sales Calls

  • Accounts Management, New Business

MNA National Audio Sales & Marketing Solutions
sales marketing
MNA National Audio Sales & Marketing Solutions

Sales Marketing

As part of your monthly affiliation fee we will provide traditional and digital Marketing for your station’s internal and external sales collateral and media public relations outreach. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure we are driving the marketing outcomes you need through digital technology, media platforms and data. 

  • Design & Update Station Sales Collateral

  • Station Presentation in Video Format 

  • Customized Client Sales Presentations 

  • Format Data Analysis Presentations 

  • Station Public Relations Communications

  • Social Media Content Management

data analysis

Data Analysis

Our team is a full-service partner to all departments. We will review Research data and provide best positing for your station in the market. We will review Nielsen ratings and negotiate terms for new or existing agreements.

  • Analyze Market and Station Data

  • Position Station in the Market 

  • OTO on Live Sports - Red Carpet Events

  • Present to Rep Firm National Team 

  • Present Data to Agencies and Clients 

MNA National Audio Sales & Marketing Solutions
MNA National Audio Sales & Marketing Solutions


Station Programming is the center piece in order to deliver the largest audience possible and a key factor for ratings increase. Our team will review programming and provide guidance to enhance format of the station with the end results of increase listenership. We are experts in Radio & TV ratings and various types of programming, including news, sports, and specials.

  • Analyze Station’s Format, Needs & Software

  • Review Station Library, Clocks, & Song Coding

  • Generate Daily Music Logs, Hand Edit Station Software

  • Daily Music Log Files Integration Directly to Station 

  • Update Station's Music Library Twice a Year 

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